How to upgrade Drupal 8 from beta 6 to beta 10

By admin, 25 五月, 2015

First, it's really a bad idea to use Drupal 8 beta version on production site like me. Because Drupal 8 beta release do not provide a way to upgrade between beta versions. The database and API are not frozen at all.

If you are unlucky like me, you can try following steps:

  1. Download beta 10 and do a fresh install.
  2. Download beta 6 database through phpMyAdmin with INSERT IGNORE option.
  3. Import beta 6 database to beta 10. You will get some table stucture issues about menu and user table. Comment those lines out.
  4. install latest drush. run `drush cr` to rebuild cache
  5. open the site. You will get taxonomy_term_reference issue. Hack relative code to ignore syntax errors.

I am not sure whether there are other things need to do. I plan to upgrade my production site when stable version released. I hope my articles' data can be preserved then :(



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